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Re: S4 vs. V8

On Mon, 21 Nov 1994, Jack Van Geldern wrote:

> >warranty covered the entire job. i got new struts, shocks, springs,
> >discs, pads.. the whole entire front suspension was brand new.
> 	How old was the car when this was done and how do I convince
> Audi to do it to mine?

my memory is hazy.. i'll guess around 30K miles, under 2 yrs.  in any
case it was before the 3/50 audi advantage warranty ran out.

this was a very brief program, because it cost them tons of money
to convert customer cars like that.. i don't think very many cars
got converted, but i did see a couple aside from mine.

audi officially does not do this "downgrade" anymore and the "kit" is
no longer available.  instead people with the original discs are
pointed towards the "reinforced" discs like yours..