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Re: Tire Chain Question

This may have only anecdotal value -- here in Wash. state I've carried a 
set of cable chains but have never been even close to using them. Car is 
'86 4000csq. I have a cabin on the east side of the Cascade mountains and 
so put in a lot of time going up and over the passess in all kinds of 
weather. I too, for at least academic reasons, would like to hear the net 
wisdom on which tires to put the chains if the situation should ever 
arise. I guess is the front tires also.

On Mon, 21 Nov 1994, John Eickerman wrote:

> Today I stopped off at the State Patrol's office to ask about when I needed
> to chain up with my Quattro.  As it turns out I don't need to chain up at
> all, unless directed by an officer.  So that is great, I just keep blazing
> along, except when it is really crappy, and that is where the question is.
> What should I do for chains?  Which brand of chains should I get, and on
> which wheels should they be placed?  I was thinking of placing them on the
> front, for steering and braking, or should chains be placed on all fours?
> I am going to be putting on some Comp T/As in the next two weeks or so,
> just to let you know what the rubber will be.
> Again, 87 4000CSQ, and thanks for the info.  I searched the archives for
> chains, but found nothing.
> John Eickerman -- jke@halcyon.com
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