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Re: mechanics

Hairy green toads from Mars made Leonard S Ferrara say:

>  Any one in the central New Jersey area looking for an
> excellent Audi/VW mechanic can trust Egenton's Garage. They 
> only care for Audi's and VW's.  Honest, old country folks
> with tons of knowledge. They also have a small salvage yard 
> for a fair price on recycled parts. Phone is 1 908 753 9289 
> or Fax 1 908 753 0636.

Someone else who knows Egenton's! I grew up (and learned to
love VW/Audi's) in Watchung, and Egenton's was always my shop.
Fair, honest, competent, and accomodating. My mother still takes
her Jetta there regularly.

I wasn't aware they did Audis, though. Many times I had thought
about dropping by when I was down there and wanted something
looked at....

BTW, they are in Plainfield.

Is Carol still at the front desk?


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