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another view on VR6 vs Audi V6


I came across this on page 9-10 of this months European Car

 "Darrell (Darrell Vitttone of Tectonics) contrasted the Audi V6 and 
the VW VR6.  The engines have similiar displacement, but the Audi
has shorter rods than the extremely long rods of the VR6. 'The Audi'
Darrell said 'seems to have more grunt at the low end especially when
coupled to an automatic transmission"

It's part of an interesting article on rod/stroke relationships and how to 
get that last bit of oomph at 7000 rpm - but they admit none of this stuff
means much when talking street engines - they suggest improving flow 
at the head is where any improvements should be made.


jim h