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Fuel Range Indication

My 1988 ur-quatro (digital) has taken to showing infinite fuel range.  It looks 
like fuel consumption is not being registered by the computer.  The fuel gauge 
is OK - I suspect some impulse from the fuel injection system is not getting 

Not having a wiring diagram, I have no idea which connector and wire carry this 
information.  Any clues, anyone?

I also noticed that the camshaft cover breather pipe (camshaft cover to inlet 
air plenum chamber) had a 1/4" hole in its underside caused by rubbing against 
a clipped-off cable tie.  If only the assembly line had turned it over after 
clipping it off ...

(BTW -appropos of electrical problems. After the chassis bonding wire to the 
inlet manifold failed on Tuesday, I decided to formalise the emergency repair. 
I discovered that all three brown wires bonded to the inlet manifold were 
seriously damaged by flexure at the point where they left the wiring loom.  Not 
perhaps surprising in a 100k engine - they must have rattled about a bit. Also, 
the ignition to camshaft cover strap was seriously corroded and generally 
disgusting at the engine end.  Plus the garage that replaced the turbo put one 
wiring harness retaining clip in upside down, stressing the harness ...)

Phil Payne
Sievers Consulting UK
Vice Chair, UK Computer Measurement Group
+44 385 302803 Fido 2:2503/415  CIS 100012,1660