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Re: Looking for some more power

In a previous message,Robert W. Cohn writes:
>Foam and K&N filters can hold more dirt before limiting airflow.
>Now if you can show scientific proof that they will filter out all
>particulate of X size and larger, not just that which happens to hit 
>the oiled foam or cotton gause, then I'll use one too.  Until then
>its Mann, Fram, Purolator, or Bosch filters.  Paper!

They claim that, as more dust is collected, the more the filter "filters".
The dust particles begin to fill the pores of the filter and help filter out
more particles.

I've had a K&N in mine for about a year now, and have had no remarkable
expereiences with it (good or bad).  However, I did notice the tone of the
engine changed when I installed it, and one year later it still is pulling
strong.  Changing the air filter on these damned things is NOT my idea of a
good time.

Does anyone know if K&N makes an air-cleaner replacement?  For some vehicles
(ie. mustangs, etc), they make a conical shaped box which takes the place of
the air cleaner box.  If one of these could be installed, changing the filter
would be a breeze.

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