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Re: Documentation/Digital Gauges

In message <941128125331_481002@aol.com> OREO447766@aol.com writes:
>        Phil,  as I understand it, you're not opposed to the dash pod idea as
> long as you could find some tasteful digital gauges to go in it.

Absolutely.  Orange figures, or LED bars.

> I noticed in
> my D&W catalog(German) that Interad makes a line of digital gauges, oil temp,
> oil pressure, water temp etc. From their catalog, the prices are roughly
> 109DM or $160US. 

Love the prices.  I bought two identical adjustable track rods - one in 
Germany and one in the UK.  DM290 vs GBP210 - NOT a good rate of exchange.
> If this is easier for you I'm copying their UK office info straight from
> their catalog-
> UK Agent-Stewart Wilson Tyres Ltd
> Clark Way
> GB-Hyde/ Cheshire
> SK142AN
> Tele 0-61-3-68-52-09
> Fax 0-61-3-68-34-73

That's great.  Note for your own interest, BTW, that all UK fixed (non-mobile) 
telephone numbers are changing in April - that number will become 0161-368-5209.

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