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Re: Re[2]: mechanics

In message <9410287860.AA786051214@rimail.interlan.com> "HUDSON, HEIDI" writes:
>      I've taken my 90Q there twice.  The first time they overfilled the oil 
>      by 1 1/2 quarts.  When I checked it and brought it back to have the 
>      excess drained off, they didn't want to do it and assured me it was 
>      okay the way it was.  

I had a Scirroco once that was factory-issued with the wrong oil dipstick.  It 
was thus overfilled at the first service.  I drove it from Germany to France 
without problems, but had to rev high to get past a tractor in France.
One of the pistons must have slapped down into washing oil - the car laid a 
"smoke egg" about thirty metres in diameter.  It was a beautiful sunny day, and 
I watched this sphere of smoke roll down the valley.  No lasting damage.

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