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Maine Forest Pro Rally THIS WEEKEND!!!

  The Maine Forest SCCA Pro Rally is this weekend in Rumford Maine, USA. It
  runs Friday night and Saturday, Dec. 2 & 3. This may be your last chance
  to see many-time SCCA Pro Rally Champion, Paul Choiniere, at the wheel of
  his killer S2 TQC. This rally will again include the longest special
  stage in the USA, 25 miles, Friday night. The Chairman for this event is
  again John Buffum, 11 time SCCA Pro Rally Champion and Quattro builder
  and driver extroardinaire. Bring warm clothes, it always snows and is
  COLD. For more info call Ted Goddard at 802-263-5678. Spectating is FREE.
  There will be other Quattros there and also Zwart's Carrera 4 Pro Rally
  Porsche. The turboed 4000Q will likely be there as well. Rally
  Headquarters is at the Madison Hotel, Rte. 2, Rumford ME. I had typed in
  almost the entire event information sheet, but this )*(@#&%)*(&$'n
  Slowtus Notes (Tm) mail program burped again before I could send it off,
  so you all get this short version, sorry.....
  I'll be in the silver '87 TQW or the red '84 4000Q, both with many
  antennae and SCCA stickers, etc, or try for me on CB Ch 19, well be "out