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Re: One valve down, the final episode.

Hi everybody again,
  and I am sorry for the previous post. (wrong button ...).

>>Now how is that possible ?
>>bad gas ? And how can a thing that big (big enough to do the damage) can go
>>through the filters ?
>After it got through the filters, it went through the injectors,
>right ?

Well, that seems kind of impossible right ?

>The other route into the engine is the way taken by AIR.
>Of course there is the air filter..... ( was it a K&N ? )

Nope, it's just a plain paper one. Maybe I ought to change
to a K&N one ? See if I get bigger particles ...

Somebody pointed that can be a spark plug piece. 
(thanks for the reply, by the way), which reminded me that some time
back (maybe a week or two) I changed the plugs. Maybe
I let something in ?

>Wild guesses, I supect the most reasonable supposition
>is that the THING never did exist, and that you have an
>Alan Cordiero
>(also has a '86 5000TQ engine . . )

Well Alan, is yours an interferance engine ? Do you care to find out ? :^).
One WILD guess is that since the guy insisted that there is no way the
valves will interfere, he doesn't want to lose face now.
Anyway, I will inspect the pieces as soon as I get the car, and I will
let you know.

Thanks again for the replies.