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Re: Pentosin 7.1 vs. 11 ?

> There was some discussion a while back of which hydraulic fluid to use - 7.1
> (green cap) or 11 (red cap).  

Here's the way the local German car parts retailer explained it to me. He
had both 7.1 and 11 priced the same. 11 claims to be "synthetic" which 
from looking at the can really means that there are specific length 
hydrocarbons but they are derived from dino-oil (maybe?). Anyway,
the 7.1 is specified for 1984 model year and earlier, the 11 for 1985
model year and newer. They *ARE* rated to different temps as Jason
points out. I put 11 in my '86 5000s when I chainged the accumulator.

I had been running about 80% jack oil after the damper line blew and
dropped all that expensive fluid on the driveway. Immediately after
this happened, the accumulator quit but I have no data to indicate
the accumulator died because of the blown damper line or because I
put in jack oil. I didn't know I had done the car wrong until
I found the Bentley pages on the system. There has to be at least 6
warnings about using the correct fluid so I changed it when I got the
new accumulator. I would recommend *NOT* using jack fluid.

--Bob "hoping my steering rack doesn't start leaking' Kunz