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Re: New member


>>   Phil, just curious, is your '88 Quattro Turbo Coupe one of the 20V 
>>   ur-Quattros?

>Re: WAUZZZ85ZGA900637 (MB001421)
>Afraid not.  Only a 10-valve, but obviously with the hydraulic lifters, 

Are you sure it is an '88? The VIN shows that it is an '86.

>Re: WAUZZZ85ZGA900637 (MB001421)
                                      ^         I thought that the model 
year was coded like follows :
                                       |           C=82              G=86
                                       -------   D=83             H=87
                                                   E=84              J=88
                                                   F=85              etc.
Dave Lawson  dlawson@ball.com