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Re: Two problems

a) The oil pressure warning light flashes during cruising.  It seems to need 
ca. 30 minutes at 95-100mph - then the oil warning light flashes for about half 
a second, flimmers for another fraction of a second, and then behaves itself.  
It happens, on average, about once every 500 miles.  There doesn't seem to be 
anything wrong with the oil pressure - the sender unit is only a year old.  The 
electrics seem to be OK.  The audible warning doesn't sound.
b) At full boost in third gear, the engine sometimes cuts out.  It picks up again when the throttle is closed.


In my '86, there are two pressure switches connected to the 
auto-check system.

The first, low pressure ( 0.3 bar ) is expected to be switched
( I forget which way . open-to-close or close-to-open ) as
soon as the engine starts. The high pressure switch ( 1.6 bar )
change ( the other way from the low pressure switch, which
is why I get confused ) is checked ( expected ) at engine 
RPMs higher than 2000 or 2200.

Unplug the wire on the high pressure switch ( the "white" one )
and see what difference it makes in the behaviour of your
check system. It should complain whenever you exceed 2000 rpm
continuously for three to four seconds or more.

If the behaviour is identical, you may have a defective switch.

On your other problem check your boost guage and see it it
consistantly shuts off at a particular pressure, could be an
engine controller protecting against a perceived over-boost

Alan Cordeiro