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Roster entry

After an absence of over a year, I'm rejoining the quattro list as I have just
purchased an immaculate 1985 Ur-quattro.  Here's my roster entry:

Shaun Lowry
E-Mail:    sml@mfltd.co.uk
Work:      Software Engineer, Micro Focus, Newbury, UK
Home:      Newbury, UK
Cars:      1985 Ur-quattro
Likes:     Superb handling, lots of overtaking power, huge fuel tank,
           leather interior, general practicality for such a sporty
Dislikes:  Cost of OEM parts, pathetic sounding horn, turbo lag, general
           lack of low-end torque.
History:   Had a 1984 Coupe GT (1994cc, 5cyl) for 3 years before scrapping
           it due to overly expensive repair estimate.  Bought the quattro
           a month ago, after scouring the country for about 6 weeks for one
           in reasonable condition.
Worst:     Having to scrap my Coupe GT.
Best:      Driving the quattro home in the rain after buying it, and not
           having the handling deteriorate much.
Interests: Skydiving, beer, snowboarding, graphics, the internet,
           my new car :-)

The car has been re-sprayed, baked and lacquered in the original Tornado
Red, and has been serviced regularly at B.R. Motosports.  It has 100,000
miles on the clock, but a faulty service 40,000 miles ago resulted in
the turbo exploding, and the garage responsible replacing engine and
turbo at a cost of around 4,200 GBP.  I've just fitted ~500 GBP's worth
of alarm and immobiliser, and I'm hoping to discretely install a Sony
cassette deck and CD multichanger in the next few days.  I'd like to
replace the horn with one similar to the one on the Coupe GT, too.

Pictures of me and the car can be found on my WWW home page at:



"Touch the monolith, monkey boy!"

		-- Matt McIrvin