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Re: Two problems

In message <9411301546.AA18541@eldiablo.genrad.com> "Robert D. Houk" writes:
>    b) At full boost in third gear, the engine sometimes cuts out.  It picks up 
>    again when the throttle is closed.
> What rpm range?

As low as 4000, sometimes.  Usually 5000-5500.

> The '88 is (I would assume) quite a bit different from my '83, but I've
> also found that the computer/boost is "right on the ragged edge" of the
> computer shutting down due to overboost.

Could be.  There's a distinct furious clicking from the region of the electrics.

> If it's overboost shutoff, just "backing off slightly" on the throttle
> should keep running; if you hold the throttle down and it cuts out momen-
> tarily, cuts in and runs for a second or two, repeats then it sure sounds
> like the overboost circuit cutting in.

Those ARE the symptoms.

> Another thing that fooled me for awhile was "running low on gas"!

I had the same problem with the oil pickup on a tight 270 traffic island.  
Fixed with a slightly longer pipe (0.5cm)

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