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Re: Two problems

I didn't reply to the original posting because I too have an '83 (that 
exhibited a similar problem).  In my case there was a relationship to 
ambient temperature.  During the winter the car would run fine & rev to 
redline, but on hot summer days I would sometimes have a 4K rev limit 
(I think sometimes it would go to 5K).  It was very frustrating.  I 
sent a letter to the Quattro Club that was answered by Ned Ritchie in 
a newsletter.  He had several suggestions ... I don't remember them 
all, but the one that worked for me was realigning the distributor!  
The distributor position is supposed to be fixed since the computer 
determines when to fire the plug.  Apparently if the computer is get-
ting borderline signals it goes into some sort of safe running mode 
where it will not let the engine run at greater tan 4K!  In my case 
the computer's distributor input signal must have been out of spec in 
relationship to the flywheel sensors.  (Has anybody seen a write-up on 
how that crazy system works?  e.g. what are the 2 flywheel sensors used 

Does the '88 have the same engine controller as the '88 5000CS Turbo
(or is it the same as the '83)?  The diagnostic capabilities have been 
enhanced in the '88, and there is a description of the tests in the 
Bentley manual (which I believe I've read you don't have).

Good luck, and let me know if there's anything else I can do to help!
Steve Buchholz

'83 Ur-Q
'88 5KCSQ Avant (sounds so much better than "Wagon")