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Re: Req: Digital Storage Oscilloscope Info

   I am interested in receiving more info on DSOs for automotive applica-
   tions.  I am not a professional mechanic, so I am probably more inter-
   ested in the lower end of the price range.  My addresses are:

Ditto, so can you post some general info to the group?

For example, prices on new 20MHz dual-trace Hitachi was $399, used
Tek 100MHz dual-trace was $400-$450 (depending on model); both are 110v
units so  that is a minor hassle. Battery "portable" scopes seem to
start at $1000 and go up very quickly! (For $600, I'll buy an exten-
sion cord!). Storage scope? Now they are expensive . . .

$400-$500 tools are ones to be bought with some trepidation . . .


P.S.	I think it was Hitachi at $399. Some Japanese brand anyways.