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Re: New support group member

healey@lerc.nasa.gov (jim healey) suggests possible names:
< >'67 109 - KUNG SAN (tribal name of the Kalahari Bushmen)
< >'70 88  - RHINO TF (did I mention I also collect toy Rhinos?)
< >'65 109 - IJIJI (Zulu (I think) name for Rhinocerous)
< >Any ideas?
> Well staying with the animal theme, we would need an animal
> that moves quickly over snow, has poor night vision (or are the
> headlights any better on that model) requires loads of upkeep
> and will run all day and night for you without a wimper.
> Hey Bob, does this sound like any of your Siberian Cat-Eaters
> (maybe we could use one of the Eskimo names)?

Hmph.  How about one of those hundreds of eskimo names for snow?  or 
'schnee'?  Ah, I don't know.  Don't feel compelled on continue this 
conversation that's already gotten silly.  Wah.

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