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Documentation/Digital Gauges

In message <9412031543.AA00933@borodin.sli> "Robert D. Houk" writes:
> Well, another alternative wholly in keeping with spending far FAR too much
> money (we are talking Audi, aren't we?) would be to investigate some air-
> craft instruments.

Now THAT's one I hadn't thought of.  My father-in-law used to drive Nimrods for 
the RAF, and one of his friends works for the Civil Aviation Authority. I'll 
see if they've got any ideas.

On the subject of spending too much money - American Express has now presented 
the final bill for my turbo disaster last month.  GBP1600 (USD2500 at the 
current rate).  I'm not really THAT bothered - the alternative was buying a new 
car on a lease.  I'd budgeted GBP1000 a year for repairs.  I run a spreadsheet 
to give me a genuine "cost of operation" so that I can satify the taxman that 
I'm not making a profit when I charge back my business miles.  It's currently 
costing me 52 pence (about 82 cents) a mile.

Tyres aren't cheap here, either.  My quattro has the flared wheel arches and 
wide rims - it takes 215/50VR15s at USD200 apiece.  Someone stopped me in the 
street the other day and sold me two spare rims and one good tyre for GBP50 - 
now I've got a REAL spare and the motorbike wheel stays at home.  It's not that 
I don't trust it, but I don't relish the thought of having a puncture somewhere 
in the wilds of Wales and having to drive 250+ miles home at 50mph!

Phil Payne
Sievers Consulting UK
Vice Chair, UK Computer Measurement Group
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