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Euro Lights End Result - so far

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     Thanks to all who responded with comments regarding the euro lights 
     for my 87 4000Q.  I did finally decide to purchase a pair.
     I've called just about everyone I could think of looking for them and 
     got various responses.  Some places never called back even after 2 
     calls, others told me it was not possible to purchase them, one place 
     in San Diego quoted me a price of $375 a piece!  As you can tell it 
     was quite an adventure.
     I decided to purchase them from Anita at Total Audi Performance. She 
     was VERY responsive to all of my questions, if she didn't have the 
     answer right away she would fax me an answer usually in a few hours.  
     Her price is $420 a pair plus shipping and handling.  This price does 
     include the bulbs.  
     She can also get a set that has two bulbs, an H4 and an H1.  This set 
     sells for $595 plus shipping and handling, a little too expensive for 
     my wallet!  I believe the that the extra bulb has a driving light lens 
     in front of it.
     Anyway, the number for TAP is 904-683-3000 and their fax is 
     904-683-2279.  I have no affiliation with this company I just feel 
     that they treated me properly and that I should let you people know 
     about me experience with them so far.
     I should have the lights sometime next week.  I'll put up a post about 
     how they work and how the installation went as soon as I do it.