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Re: considering purchase of '88 model 80 quattro - any warnings/advice?

In a previous message,David R. Derting writes:
>Yesterday we (spouse and self) found a used '88 model 80 quattro w/ 65K
>miles.  The car appears to be in good shape - good paint, tires, exhaust
>system, solid suspension, lots of brake disk left, no oil leaks from the
>engine or trans areas.  I've not done a compression test or had a leak-down
>test done yet - that will be one of the final criteria to do the deal.  BTW
>- the ask price is 'round $7k.
>Can anyone suggest weak points of this year and model that I should be aware of?

No major mechanical problems.  Most problems are "annoyance failures."  
The biggest repair I've eaten is $300+ for lower control arm bushings...
I'm still a little bitter about that one.  Dunno if it was necessary, but it's done now.  

If you're looking for performance, you might be a
little disappointed with the 80Q because it's even more gut-less than mine.
It takes a lot of umph to get 3850lbs of car moving.  ;-)

Check the temp gage/sensor...doomed to fail.  Check for radiator leaks.
Headlight switch (BIG $$$ to replace).  Ask if the driver door lock has been 
repaired (mine and Dan's failed within a couple months of each other).

Your best bet is to take it to a reputable mechanic who knows these cars and
have him check it over for suspension problems, possible wreck/frame damage,
braking system, etc.  

It sounds like a good price...I got my 90Q with similar mileage for $8700.  
Few more HP and leather interior.

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