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quantum hydraulics-final

well, for now anyway.

thanks for all who corresponded.  just to remind you all, the question
was which hydraulic fluid goes in the power steering/power brakes
reservoir of an '86 fwd quantum 5-2.2L(5 speed manual). 4 different people 
had 5 different opinions, of course -).

to cut to the chase, the most logical answer was: if the reservoir says
*ATF OL,* use dexron II or dexron III automatic transmission fluid.
since I have been using ATF in the last 3 years, the same will
go in now.  a different brand apparently should not make a difference.

Its bizzare to buy ATF for a manual transmission car, though.

pentosin should apparently NOT be used in this case, no matter what
your friendly vw dealer says.  I think Zafer mentioned that the same
was true for some 4000 cars, but I am not sure about those.

thanks again,