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Re: Augered in my 5000s wagon!

>A colleague came into the office one day and claimed that his ABS system had 
>locked up completely (Ford Granada 2.0EFi).  I tried it on a thoroughly iced 
>car park for half an hour, and succeeded in getting my Granada's wheels to lock 
>twice.  If you catch all wheels simultaneously, the system has no input to tell 
>it the car's still moving - you can slide along at 20mph, and the ABS system 
>thinks you're stationary. I wonder if that's what the acceleration detection 
>switch fitted to ur-quattros from April 1988 is for.

On a side note, I heard that GM has an ABS problem on many of their trucks
where the brakes release at slow speeds.
>ABS will, of course, almost always LENGTHEN your braking distance.  Does anyone 
>here ever switch it off - and if so, why?

When there are a few inches of snow on the ground as per the owner's manual.