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Re: 5000 Radiator...

Pat Roberson writes >
> I had a similar problem in that the upper rad host neck 
> broke off.  (185k miles)
> There is no need to replace rad!!! Take it out and give to a 
> reputable rad shop for repair.  The rad shop should be able to replace
> the plastic tank on the end.
> The cost to repair my rad was approx. $140.00.
> Also, if it were me, I would not want the life of my turbo 
> dependant upon a metal piece and a hunk of epoxy!!  It is far 
> less expensive to fix right that replace the turbo when the fix breaks
> and the turbo melts down!!

I'd rather junk the plastic and aluminum radiator for a solid all-metal one if
they are available.  I have been involved with three (non-Audi) cars with
leaks in the seals between the plastic and the metal.  The radiator guy
explained to me that the seals can't take the temp extremes here (I live
in Minnesota) and he won't bother trying to fix them if there are metal
replacements available.  I advised the owners of the cars (one of them was me)
to put in the metal radiator.  Cost ranged from $130 to $200, depending on
the car.  Never had another problem.  Actually, the aftermarket does not
even MAKE plastic radiators for these cars.  You can go back to the
manufacturer and buy a stock one for more money, and have the same
problems again.

Is the radiator in a Quantum Syncro the same as in a 4000 Quattro?  Are
there aftermarket radiators available?

How about the original poster?  Are all-metal aftermarket radiators
available for 5000 cars?