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Re: Blower motor

At 04:14 PM 12/8/94, JEREMYWALKER@delphi.com wrote:
>	The fan motor on my 88 90 is going.  It is just starting to squeak.
>Soon I'll need to replace it.  My mechanic tells me the part is 150 and labor
>about fifty.  He says the 90 is pretty easy to work on:  no interior work, no
>draining the coolant, simple nuts and bolts stuff.  My question:  can I get a 
>better price on the part and does anyone know if it really is that easy to 
>replace?  I don't mind doing some work, but if it gets too involved I will 
>happily swallow the fifty bucks.  
>Thanks in advance,
>Jeremy Walker
>88 90 (non-quattro (sorry...))

I have a '88 90Q that the blower started squeking on about 18 months ago.  I 
crawled up under the dash and found the motor rather quickly.  Seems like it 
took me about 30 minutes to find it and get it out of there.

Anyways, I put a little grease on each end of the bearings, and put it back. 
 It still works fine, and blowers get quite a work out in Phoenix during the