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Re: Augered in my 5000s wagon!

|From: quattro-owner
|To: Michael
|Subject: Re: Augered in my 5000s wagon!
|Date: Thu, Dec 8, 1994 10:17PM
|<switch off the ABS when there is snow on the ground???
| Call me crazy, but isn't that what ABS is for?  Low traction situations 
| what all of the manufacturers are claiming is THE place that people NEED 
| Are you telling me that if there is snow on the ground, that poor child 
| the minivan adds show running into the street will become road pizza?  I 
| be old-fashioned, but if ABS doesn't work in snow, do we need it?  I know
| that it can pump the pedal 72 million times faster than me, but I think 
| a little educated guessing would help in this situation.
|                         ---Bob
|                      87 4000S

I think you have miss interpeted 'low traction'.  ABS is excellent on wet 
roads, which have less traction than dry, obviously.  But ABS, as I 
understand it, and as indicated by the Audi Manuals, is not so good in NO 
tractions siturations, such as packed snow covered, or ice covered roads. 
 No matter how fast you pump in these conditions, the wheel will still stop 
everytime and you still will have no directional control. IMHO ABS  on 
passenger cars is primarily for idoits who don't know how to brake properly. 
 i.e. let up if the wheels lock.

Like I said, ABS is a favorite conversation topic of mine,