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Re: Blower motor extraction

>...blower motor...


You're trying to do this job the right way...try doing it the wrong way!
(which is probably the right way).

Pry the air box up with a large screwdriver..just lever it down between the
metal bulkhead and the air box..right on the seam up the middle of the air
box.   There is a prybar sized step right there on the plastic to help you.

Once the box is up, you can see two of the three phillips screws that hold
in the fan & motor.  They're on the passenger side of the air box assembly
at the end of the big flexible air inlet hose.  Take out the two screws.

Now comes the moment of decision...am I going to be smart or terminally
perfectionist & anal???  I think a smart person will push down on the air
inlet for the fan & break off the ear for the bottom screw.  You may prefer
not to in which case I will not tell.

Pull the old fan assembly out, align & install the new one, & put it all
back together.  Twenty minutes on a good day.

        ned bennett