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   I noticed in one of the archive files a comment to the effect that "ur-
   quattros aren't fitted with up/down radio antennas".

Mine is (as were all the other UrQ's I've seen "Stateside"). And, like
just about every other thing even remotely-electrical, it too (the up/down
motor) has failed. Oh for the days of nice reliable auto electricals, like
my Lotus had...
   It's only a short antenna, but the right size (1/4 wave) for FM reception. 
   Remember Audi in Germany recommend pushing in the top section of the antenna 
   for optimum FM reception.

And, like just about every other electrical gizmo in the damn car, its
performance sucks. But, unlike every other UrQ I've seen, I haven't got-
ten around to ripping the damn thing out and putting in a decent one...
been too busy just trying to keep the f****r running...