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Re: FAQ so far... -Reply

Hairy green toads from Mars made Gary Webster say:
> Great start!  Just a few slight corrections:
> 1. The 5000 became the 100/200 in the 1989 model year. (new interior,
> ABS, Air bag, TORSEN)
> 2. (I believe) The only 200's with the inverted brakes are the 20V 200's
> which are fairly rare compared to the standard 200 which are just a
> turbo version of the 100.

A few slight corrections to your slight corrections ;-)

The 5000 did indeed become the 100/200 in 1989. The airbag didn't
arrive until 1990. The interior isn't all that different from the 1988.
ABS I believe was on the 1988 5000's (optional?). It was standard on
the 100/200, but maybe only in quattros?

What are inverted brakes? Brakes for when you've flipped the
car upside-down?


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