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Re: Re[2]: ABS 'bugs'

  Dave Dahl,

  Thanks for the additional info! I had no idea that this old beast has a
  center diff!
  You sound like you speak from real experience. How does one determine if
  the transfer case is in, for example, low or low-lock? I cannot feel any
  indent or "click" in the lever between low and low-lock, same for high
  and high-lock. Also, I have seen ads for conversion hubs to convert
  full-time AWD to switchable 2WD/4WD. These ads make mention of allowing
  AWD in reverse as well as in forward. I assume that some (cheap) AWD
  implementations must use ratcheting hubs rather than a much more
  expensive center diff. Is this true? I assume that this beast ('75 K5
  Blazer) does not use ratcheting hubs, as I get AWD in reverse and the
  center diff should negate the requirement for ratcheting hubs for
  full-time AWD.

  Sorry about the non-Quattro content, but the expertise is here and the
  center, lockable diff qualifies it!  :)