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Re: FAQ so far... -Reply

"Inverted" brakes have calipers that grip the rotor from the inside.  
The rotor is attached to the hub with a spider that attaches to the 
periphery of the rotor(making it appear that those fancy looking wheels 
are merely hubcaps).  The advantage is that the amount of swept area is 
increased for a given wheel size.  The disadvantages have been discussed 

WRT ABS on 88 5000's - ABS was standard on the '88 5000CSQ

Suggested additions under Maintenance & Repair category:  

Replacement of coolant every two years - Over time the coolant can react 
with the metals in the engine to form acids that can eat the radiator and 
other cooling system parts.  The coolant can look perfectly good (unlike 
old cars with lots of iron where the water would become rusty).  

Battery service - Since the battery is mounted under the rear seat in 
many Audi cars it can be neglected.  Fortunately, the environment under 
the seat is not quite as harsh as the engine compartment.