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Re: Spark-plug wires for 5000ST ..

> 	Amazing findings: two of the five wires were *absolutely* open --
> 	they would not register at all on my (admittedly cheap) multimeter.
> 	The other three yielded the correct resistance (about 6K) after
> 	some coaxing.  I can only theorize as to how the car ran just
> 	fine with two bad wires: possibly because of some high-voltage
> 	insulator break-down.

Not at all amazing.  The spark will jump the gaps in the broken conductor
as well as the gap at the plug.  But some of the energy is lost each jump,
so you'd of had a weaker spark at the plug in those cylinders, maybe resulting
in occasional misfire or misfire under load.

Glad the patient is back in good form!