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Re: FAQ so far... -Reply

On Dec 13,  7:23pm, Michael Moy, Oracle SQL Engineering, 603-881-1943  wrote:
> Subject: Re: FAQ so far... -Reply
> >Battery service - Since the battery is mounted under the rear seat in
> >many Audi cars it can be neglected.  Fortunately, the environment under
> >the seat is not quite as harsh as the engine compartment.
> I find that these last pretty close to three years.
> michael
>-- End of excerpt from Michael Moy, Oracle SQL Engineering, 603-881-1943

An interesting point regarding batteries under the back seat. This comes from
the mechanic who works on my car. He says that he's seen quite a few car fires
started by the metal rear seat springs arcing across the battery. Also, he says
that on a few occasions he's seen battery acid leak, melt the hydraulic hoses
that run nearby (for power locks) and the acid gets into the door lock system
causing all sorts of problems. This mechanic owns a 5000 and has rerouted his
hoses due to this problem.

-- Rob

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