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A question of lineage...

I just discovered this list and I have questions that have gone unanswered
for a few years.  In 1992 I bought a 1991 Audi 90 Quattro 20Valve (4 door).
 It was a "used" car (demo from a bankrupt dealer w/ 3,500 mi.). 

 It has a leather interior (which one dealer said did not exist in 1991 (I
think he is wrong).  

 It came (to me) with a set of alloys made for Audi by Speedline (2-piece
look with lots of hex-head bolts around the perimeter).  I have only seen
these wheels on the coupe, never on the 4-door, although in one "Used Car
Price Guide" they had a picture of the 4-door with these wheels!?  The
original tires were Eagle VR 50s (Gatorbacks).  The more common wheel I've
seen on this model is a lace-spoke model with nerdy 60- or 70-series tires
mounted (Goodyear Invictas -- wow).

 Due to the cost of 50 series tires, this summer I decided to mount Goodyear
Eagle GT+4s, 215 HR 15s.  The fit is very, very tight (no interference, but
very close)... much tighter than on 90s with the lace-spoke wheels.  It's a
nice look, but it raises the following questions. 

My questions:

1.  If the designated wheel/tire combo for the car is 15" with a
215-60-series tire, why do my wheelwells look so stuffed?  Is the Speedline
wheel a different offset?

2.  Could the car have come with these Speedline wheels or is it more likely
that a dealer swapped them with Coupe wheels?

3.  Is there any way to trace the car's heritage?

3A.  Why do so many people say, "I didn't know a quattro has four-wheel
drive!"  (Duh).  I did have one gas station attendant say "These things have
like four wheel steering or something, right?"  I explained that they come
with four wheel brakes, standard.