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Re: A question of lineage...

There's been a recent discussion among several hairy green toads
from Mars about the original tire/wheel size on the 20V 90Q.

GCIRILLO@aol.com originally asked:

> > In 1992 I bought a 1991 Audi 90 Quattro 20Valve (4 door).
> > It came (to me) with a set of alloys made for Audi by Speedline (2-piece
> > look with lots of hex-head bolts around the perimeter).  I have only seen
> > these wheels on the coupe, never on the 4-door, although in one "Used Car
> > Price Guide" they had a picture of the 4-door with these wheels!?  The
> > original tires were Eagle VR 50s (Gatorbacks).  The more common wheel I've
> > seen on this model is a lace-spoke model with nerdy 60- or 70-series tires
> > mounted (Goodyear Invictas -- wow).

Eliot Lim replied:

> the speedline wheels are standard for the 20V 90Q.
> the correct size (according to my brochure) is 205/50 VR15.. 215/60 is much
> much taller.. i suggest you get rid of these tires because they are more
> than a little oversized.. 215/60 is what they put on the V8!  (and the S4/S6
> if you specify "all-season" tires)

Chris Palmer added:

> No worries.
> These wheels (15x7)  were the standard wheels for 1990-1991 Coupe Quattro 
> and 90 20-valve. The standard tyre for the Coupe on these wheels is
> 205/60VR15, for the 90 I thought it was the same but it may have
> been 205/50VR15. Note that many New England dealers only provided 15x6.5
> wheels on the 90 20-valve with 195/65HR15 "all-weather" tyres.

Well, we just got a 1990 20V 90Q, and it had the Pearl White
BBS alloys, in 6x14, with 195/60/14 (185?).

What gives? These are obviously the original wheels, since they
are the Audi-badged BBS that match every other BBS, and they are
in the Pearl White to match the car.

I can't see fitting 215/50/15 tires in those wheel wells at gunpoint.

Years ago, when I test-drove a left-over 20V 90Q, I remember it had
some 175/70/14 Invictas on it, and the dealer claimed that was "stock".



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