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Re: ...no subject...

> Does anyone have any experience with the Jacob Electronic's Ultra Team and 
> Ultra Coils ? You've probably seen them advertise in the European Car 
> magazine. They claim these can sense the resistance across each spark plug 
> and adjust the voltage to each plug separately. The net result, more 
> horsepower and improved fuel mileage. When I called them about application 
> for my Ur-q, they quoted 10 % gain in both horsepower and gas mileage. Any 
> feedbacks ?
> Jojo

My mechanic, a pro VW racer, told me not to bother.  He recommends running the
multi-electrode Bosch spark plugs.  This is a plug with three electrodes.
They are not cheap but probably a lot less than the Jacob stuff.  Worth a 
try IMO...