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re: back seat batteries -Reply

Be careful around that battery vent tube.  I know of at least one 200Q
that had the battery explode when a stray spark found its way into the
vent tube.  Major cleanup including replacing the interior carpet... 

>>> Eliot Lim <eliot@u.washington.edu> 12/14/94 01:33pm >>>
i have been told that the most important consideration for the back
seat battery is the vent hose.  if one buys a new one without a vent
hose, then the problems with acid corrosion occur.

i think that the idea of a back seat battery is a fine one.. for one thing
they improve the weight distribution of a nose heavy audi.. the other
thing is that the center of gravity has also been lowered a bit, since a
block of lead does weigh a bit.

report on boge pro gas shocks coming up...