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RE: Audis vs Batteries

On page 19.8 of the Bently manual, it states:

	The radiator fan circuitry can be modified to improve hot starting
	characteristics by reducing underhood engine temperatures during
	high ambient temperatures. An additional time relay, wire harness
	and thermo-switch are installed.

	Whenever the underhood engine temperature is above 90 degrees C
	(194 degrees F), the thermo-switch will close and activate the time
	relay. As long as the thermo-switch is closed and the engine is
	shut-off, the radiator fan will operate for a maximum of 10 minutes.

The manual indicates that this is for models from January 1986 until at least
1988 (that's the latest that my manual covers).


   >Assuming that the fan runs a full minute (I've never seen my UrQ run that
   >long, and they certainly like to run hot), and draws maybe 10 amps (the

   Mine (88 5000Q) runs between five and ten minutes.

Urk! I find that hard to believe. I think something must be seriously
wrong . . .