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Re: Strange noise... -Reply

> >>>> Dennis Larson <dlarson@netcom.com> 12/15/94 12:09am >>>
> >Valve lifter noise can also come and go, depending on temperature,
> >how  long the car has been sitting etc.
> The car sat for about 2 weeks while I was out of town and it has been
> very cold for the last month. Does this factor into the noise?
Then just drive the car so the oil is hot and it will probably go away 
completely after a day or so.

Had this problem after some maintenance once and saw it occur in another 
Audi that had been in the shop for an extended period.

Oil gets back into the lifters and fixes itself. I sometimes takes a day 
or so. Driving is the only cure and an easy one at that.

Dennis [Minnesota/BN Highline]