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Re: Bilstein, Koni and RD Ent,

>   I've bought 3 sets of Konis for 4000Qs and a set of Boge for the Sport
>   Quattro, all from RD Ent. No problems, no delays, no mis-shipments
>   whatsoever, great prices too! In addition to Koni and Boge, Bilstein
>   *does*  make some struts for the ur-Quattros. These are Pro-Rally stuff,
>   very hard to find and expensive if you can get them.
>   -glen
	Sorry, I should have been more specific.  Thats what I get when I 
log in first thing in the morning.  I wish I had a ur-Quattro but its just
the '87 4000q(should have used the lower case q in original post).
Anyway, the story is this.  They have a four struts they sell as a set.  The
struts are bilstein front and koni rear, the konis are not externaly adjustable.I am also getting the Eibach spring set.  I am concenrned about the stiffness
of the bilsteins on the front.  The minnesota roads are anything but smooth.
Are the bilsteins going to be to stiff?  This car is a daily commuter so I 
don't want to loose any teeth on the way to work!

			Thanks again for the input...