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Re: Strange sound from rear w...

Hi Barry!

Just a few thoughts late at night about your mystery noise.

1: If the rear struts were just done, didn't the shop also replace the upper
strut bearings?

2: If you can't hear the noise when you jounce the suspension, it's probably
not strut related.

3: You didn't mention the mileage on your car, does it wear tire evenly since
the work was done on it?

4: I guess my hunch would be CV joints. Are the boots in good condition? Have
they ever been repacked? A dying  CV joint could make the noises you hear,
but I would think that a rear CV would also make noise when travelling in a
straight line. They're expensive to replace, but repacking and other tricks
often extend their service life!

 Hope this helps!
  -Chris Semple