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Re: 87 4000S fan runs...and runs...and runs...

>I have a 87 4000S, 4-cyl 1.8L and it is misbehaving in typical Audi
> fashion.  Electrical problems.  The radiator cooling fan will not stop
> running unless I switch off the key.  It runs regardless of engine temp all
> the time.  I thought: switch in the rad., or stuck relay.  I replaced the
> (two pin) relay with one from a friend's Fox (three pin).  It still wouldn't
> stop.  I swapped the relay with one from another part of the fuse panel, and
> it still runs.  I am in Ohio and don't need the fan running constantly.
>   Any ideas guys?
>                         ---Bob

I would say the fan switch (the one that screws into the radiator) is stuck
 or shorted. Easy way to tell, just unplug the connector on the back of the 
switch. If it stops, thats it!

'86 4000CS Quattro