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need used parts for bruised coupe q

Happy Holidays list members:

A short time ago, there was some discussion on the list as to which salvage 
yards in the Mass area carry a significant amount of Audi parts. Since my coupe 
Q was in great shape, I did not save the info.

Foolish me...Last week I had a minor? accident. To cut to the chase, it seems 
that I will need a bumper cover, spoiler, passenger headlight bracket, and 
foglights.  Not to mention assorted fasteners.  Luckily none of the bodywork 
(metal) was damaged.  I already ordered a new passenger side headlight and turn 
signal.  The epoxy repair to the bracket did not hold, however.  Since I'm doing 
the work myself, I'd like to scour some salvage yards before spending my 
inheritance on new parts. ( I already spoke with Linda at Carlsen- OUch!)

Did anyone retain the string on salvage yards? any recommendations?

Last question: How can I adjust the locking pin so the hood closes completely? 
Will parts from the 80/90 fir the coupe Q? Headlight bracket maybe?

As always, thanks

Peter Schulz (bruised ego)
1990 Bruised Coupe Q