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Re: A/C problems

Let me add my own interest and take on this.  Shortly after purchasing 
new my '86 4000csq I had the same experience. The dealer replaced the 
switch, but this proved only cosmetic. The situation would recur now and 
then for about 2 years. I wrote Audi and never received a response. 
However, for the last 5 years or so it's never done it. I remain very 
curious; yet another data point for the mysterious nature of Audi electrics?

On Tue, 20 Dec 1994, HUDSON, HEIDI wrote:

>      Hi all,
>      I'm having a problem with my air conditioner.  Its finally cool enough 
>      here in South Florida for fresh air, and suddenly my air conditioner 
>      won't shut off.  With the a/c switch in the off position (the switch 
>      depresses, the light goes out), the a/c stays on.  Also, the blower 
>      fan will not shut off (when in the off position, it blows as if it 
>      were on the lowest position).
>      Any suggestions for determining the culprit?
>      Thanks,
>      Heidi
>      hhudson@rimail.interlan.com
>      P.S.  I'm having problems with the list - missing lots of responses.  
>      If you post a response, please also copy my mail address directly.  
>      Thanks!