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Re: KYB struts - ACK!!

><bad experience with KYB
>   I have never had any breakage, though the KYB's are less than perfect.
> Everyone I have talked to had the same feelings as I:  they beat you to death
> on the street and don't handle as well as some of the other aftermarket brands
> do. 

I second that evaluation.  I had a pair on a Dasher during my recent student
days (sure glad I got that MBA so I could get rid of the Dasher beast).
Given a choice, I'd certainly seek another brand.

'83 TQC
'85 Jetta GLI w/ pending 2.0 16V installation (just waiting for the last
bits to complete the engine mgt equip.)
'85 Scirocco (soon to be replaced by an 80 or 90 Quattro - 20V I hope)

 I beleive that the Gas-A-Just are lifetime warranty though.  Does the
>previous owner have reciepts?  Check on it.
>                              ---Bob
>                           87 4000S, 1.8L