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Re: KYB struts - ACK!!

KYB's are the "Subaru's" of struts. Great warranty, lots of flash.  Not really
any good.

I used these on my VW Scirroco and was dissapointed. While I used them, the
performance was so-so.  They died after 80K miles.  I'll never put KYB on any
car again. Boge gas struts, are a much better choice. 

>> Well, I just replaced two front struts that were replaced by the previous
>> owner in August of this year.  The broken new ones are KYB.  Anyone had
>> bad experience with KYB before??
>I've had no experience with KYBs, but I was told by my local auto parts
>store they come with a lifetime warranty. Did you claim new ones under
>warranty? Also, what was the failure mode? By "broken" do you mean structural
>failure? If so, they could have been the wrong ones for the application.