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Re: CPU-controlled '88 ur-Quattro WG?

In message <351013221294*/PN=glen.powell/OU=notes/PRMD=smclan/ADMD=attmail/C=us/@open400.smc.com> glen.powell@smc.com writes:
>   I don't think it's mass sensor in the intercooler output, mounted in the
>   intake manifold, on ur-Quattros, it's a temp sensor. Since the CPU knows
>   both temp and pressure, mass/density could be derived.

The sensor is mounted in the intercooler itself, on the output side.  My 
intercooler is indescribably filthy, having sat down there on filthy English 
country roads for six years.  Is an external clean (demount and pressure jet) 
worth doing?  Could it have any bearing? 

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