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re: Re: 5000 Turbo mods.....

in reply to Scott=John=Mockry%Mktg%TM@banyan.bv.tek.com

>I installed an op amp inside the computer to separate (buffer) the signal 
>that goes to the boost gauge and also to the engine control portion in the 
>computer. This allowed me to get the correct boost reading on the gauge 
>and allowing the signal that goes to the engine control portion to be 

Scott, you had the same idea. Get to the signal between the 
transducer op-amp output, and the CPU input.

The signal is 2.5 volts per bar ( 1.0 on the guage ). if
you use  2.5 volt zener in series with the lower leg of the
voltage divider. pressure readings of 1.0 and below will be
fed on to the CPU WITH NO CHANGE.

Readings above 1.0 ( i.e. boost ) will be reduced by the ratio
of resistors in your voltage divider network ( 1:1 is good ).
this will give SOME control against boost going out of control,
as well as some compensation control from the CPU to add extra
fuel ( even if not the right amount ) when the boost goes up.

( Regarding part numbers for those low leakage zener, I have two
good sources.)

The problem is that my system only gives 1.6 bar boost ...
such is life ... ( ces't la vie ? ? how do you spell that ).

Alan Cordeiro