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Re: battr


>am concerned about impending COLD weather.  Can anyone point me to a
>non-Audi (non-dealer) OEM-style battery with the built-in vent?  Or
>will I have to bite the bullet and get the obscenely-priced battery
>from the dealer?

I bought a vented battery from one of the warehouse clubs ( Sam's 
Club ) for about $40. This was a DELCO 60 month, 560 or so CCA,
and if I remember correctly, 85 min reserve. I replaced an Autobahn
that the previous owner had put in. The date-code indicated
it was about four years old, so I figured I play safe this winter.

Sears has a new line, the Audi 5000 type is about $70 on sale,
probably 600 CCA, 115 min reserve ...

Alan Cordeiro