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Redline MTL in Audi 4000 transmission?

   To: "Robert D. Houk" <quattro@swiss.ans.net>

Out of curiousity, was this supposed to go to just me, or the group as a

   <adjusted the shift likage "just a tad" and it now Germanly slips into all
   <gears nicely...
    I realize that the procedure for different cars will be different, but how
    does one go about doing this to a late model 4000S? (87)  I think that this
    is just what I need.

Dunno 'bout your beast, but mine is a single bolt located *underneath*
the car (a mechanic with a lift is a great help). The inside shift mani-
fests itself as a sleeve (tube or "pipe") extending towards the front of
the car. A shaft fits inside this sleeve and runs forward to the trans-
axle. This shaft is "locked" in place by this bolt. This bolt of course
is only slightly easier to access than the, well, never mind, it can be
reached with appropriate flexible tooling. (4000S non-quattro? might ac-
tually be easy, as it is the rear drive shaft in my UrQ that mostly blocks
things, with the exhaust pipe filling most opening left unblocked by the
drive shaft...).

Loosen bolt, reposition shaft in sleeve, tighten bolt, repeat until you
stumble across the right position. [Sigh]. Two people make the process
much easier . . . Also be aware that the "geometry" will change once you
are actually on the road, engine lurching wildly, body flexing, and so
forth. However, you should be able to get a very close static setting.
Also, if the linkage (various ball joints, etc.) itself is worn (i.e.,
has play, is loose) all the adjustment in the world won't help much. If
you happen to know (or correctly "guess") in which plane the adjustment
is off, just moving the shift around will point which direction what
needs to be moved. You will probably just need to either *rotate* the
shaft, or *slide* the shaft fore/aft, but not both. (Just a wild guess
of course, your luck may vary!)

Also implicit in my previous posting, but probably worth spelling out
anyways -- before you adjust your linkage, make sure your engine/trans
mounts are in good condition, properly located and secured, etc. Ad-
justing the shift to match an engine on a collapsed (broken) engine
mount is not a good idea...

Good Luck.